John Titor

El Vigilante shares this audio posted in youtube but originally broadcasted a while ago on the popular radio show Coast To Coast AM with George Noory, who recently came to Vancouver. In this Audio Noory discusses with guest speaker Oliver Williams about John Titor, a time traveler who appeared on the internet in the year 2000 Creating a huge controversity about the real existence of John Titor, believe it or nor, I mean, after all anyone can create a page and tell whatever he/she wants on the internet, but what is amazing about John Titor is that some of his predictions came true, also Titor discussed some technical data about time traveling which are intrigingly possible to what we scientifically know right now… that leads to the conclussion that John Titor undestood physics to say the least about this enigmatic character…This is just the First of the 12 parts posted on the internet.
For more information about John Titor, here is the link:


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