Milk DVD

Milk DVD

Milk DVD


Review by Lucia Santiago Dantés

40 years Old, and I haven’t done a thing I’m proud of” This is the triggering though that sets up Harvey Milk (Sean Penn) into a personal journey to become Harvey Milk the activist, politician, and leader of the gay community who fought for their rights to be treated equally in the U. S. Directed by Gus Van Sant (Last Days, Elephant, My Own Private Idaho) the movie starts with archival images of the Castro District in San Francisco CA, following by Harvey Milk on the subway and meeting for the first time with what it would be his partner for several years Scott Smith (James Franco). The couple moves to San Francisco looking to become part of the counterculture movement alive in the area; and decide to live  in  the Castro District, where Milk decides to open a Camera shop. Realizing the district is abused by homophobic policemen and neighbors. Milk decides it’s time to do something about living an openly gay life. As soon as he decides to run for district supervisor, the threats begins…but Milk always believed that ”If a bullet should enter my brain, let the bullet destroy every closet door” Distributed in Canada by Alliance Atlantis, the DVD includes subtitles (English, Français and Español), also very interesting Bonus Features like: Deleted Scenes Hollywood Comes To San Francisco and Remembering Harvey are bonus features focused on the people who Knew Harvey Milk but are in the movie as part of the extras and giving substantial information about the times and characters. Marching for Equality is about how some people who lived the time and days of Harvey actually showed up for the recreation of the March and rallies. Just a few movies have the power inspire people like Milk, the biopic that took 2 Oscars this past february for Best Original Screenplay and Best Male in a leading Performance. Sean Penn becomes Harvey Milk, America’s first openly gay man elected to public office.


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