By Lucia Santiago Dantes

The film focus on Rembrandt and the creation of the painting commonly known as “The Night Watch”, the painter’s most famous work. In the film Greenaway suggests that the militiamen posing for the paint were part of a conspiracy.

As many of Peter Greenaway’s films, the director explores the audience, the actors and how it is perceived this cinematic world. Nightwatching has a lot of influences from “Le bebe de Mâcon” (1993) were Greenaway explores the audience acknowledge or awareness of watching something that’s not real, were like a painting a model is like an actor “pretending not being watched”.
Greenaway fans will be very pleased with Nightwatching. All the elements of his style like “ The Draughtsman’s Contract “, Le Bebe de Mâcon”, The Pillow Book, The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover, are there. From the corporal material elements, the artist as an outsider, love, fear, angst, the semiotic use as an artist, but also the filmmaker’s own semiotics in the film.

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