Review by Lucia Santiago Dantes
Opens February 4, 2012.


More than a horror flick I would say Chronicle is an extremely well done science fiction movie. Although it looks like a “Blair Witch” mockumentary this film absolutely stands by its own. Forget about the shaky camera that makes you dizzy (Hooray for that!) also is so well written that’s more focus on actually telling a story and character development rather than flashy SFXs that by the way they look great. On these days you have to appreciate that!

An amazing movie about some sort of alien encounter with a hint of 1988’s Akira anime movie (if you ask me). 3 high school boys discover a strange glowing crystal underneath the earth. After the close encounter they get some sort of superpower transformation: first telekinesis, later even the ability to fly. What it is important about this movie is the question on how would  be the effects on an average person who acquires superpowers all of a sudden. Further more, a teenager. Life is difficult per se. Nobody have an steady ride during our life time. But can you handle it? What would you do? That’s the main question in Chronicle. The script was written by Mark Landis and directed by Josh Tank although it is said they both work on the idea.

As I said before, 3 teenager boys find out an uncanny glowing chrystal underneat a hole in the earth, and since the strange, Alien like encounter they develop super powers. The footage that we actually see as the story belongs to one the kids: Andrew (Dane DeHaan) a boy who’s constantly bullied by his father, while his mother is sick at home. She’s dying with cancer, and we could probably assume that part of Andres’s father is all the stress, sorrow and impotence of knowing that there’s nothing he can do to save her from pain, suffering and death.  Andrew buys a DVcam (seems like a canon XL1 or 2) and starts to tape everything around his life. Andrew hangs around with his cousin Matt (Alex Russell) together they start to fool around and get everything on tape. On a rave both meet Steve (Michael B. Jordan) who ask them to bring the camera and film for him some weird noises coming from a whole in the fields. The rest, well you’ll have to find out, but it is easy to imagine. For Matt it is all about the responsibility that comes to be stronger and having abilities beyond the rest of simple mortals, he got it right in that matter. Steve is more playful with his super powers, leading him to explore and find out more abilities as he continues pushing the limits.

While Andrew starts to fall into a downward spiral which is powered by his own stupidity, immature nature as a teenager but also and most important because he is a victim of all that he is living right now in his house and personal life.

He little by little, start to develop a more destructive personality.  We don’t know if this is the consequence of an abusive father and all the tragedy going around his life that he starts to question his own values. Andrew begins to believe that he and his friends are the next step in evolution, which is at a certain point true in the context of the story, but also leads him to think about why he shouldn’t be remorseful about hurting or even killing living creatures.

Some of the later scenes after this point in the movie reminded me a lot of Katsuhiro Otomo’s cult film Akira.

it is a good essay about superheroes that would be born in our century. Will they be really super heroes? I mean we are talking about regular, common people. Not the 60s kind of superheroes with righteous values and for common good attitude seen on Batman, superman etc. Probably Chronicle is a good vision of someone with sudden super powers in our today society.


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