Jack White’s new Album “Blunterbuss”

Jack White's new solo album Blunderbuss

Jack White’s new solo album Blunderbuss


Jack White released his new album “Blunderbuss” on April 24th, but his second single video “Sixteen Saltines” already has almost 3 million hits since its release earlier this month (April 5th). The new Album is more White and less stripes although it’s hard to avoid noticing that as an artists and human being he is still digesting his past 2 relationships and  divorces, as you can appreciate on the lyrics’ songs. The musical style still sounds seventies just pure rock. It is very refreshing to see great rock musicians like Jack White back with a new album, after all that pop crap frequently played on the radio, tv and bars.

Although the album was just released. His first single  “Love Interruption” was released earlier this year  (January 30, 2012) Here’s the video


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