What to Expect When You’re Expecting


Review by Lucia Santiago Dantes

Date of  Release: May 18

Loosely based on the homonymous book originally published  back in 1984 the film opens closely after Mother’s Day. The film takes the expectations that the author as many other first time mothers and fathers would deal with in the eyes of several couples. fitness guru Jules (Cameron Diaz) and dance star Evan (Matthew Morrison) are the power couple of fame and fortune who didn’t expect to get pregnant but alas, now Jules has to struggle to made some adjustments in her life that sometimes is not as easy as she thought it would be.

Wendy(Elizabeth Banks) and Gary(Ben Falcone) are the sweetest couple. Wendy has a little baby store and a baby book writer. Both Gary and Wendy had tried for years to have a baby without success until the moment arrives and their entire world changes  as she gets all the maladies a pregnant woman could have. On top of that, both have to deal with Skyler (Brooklyn Decker) and Ramsey(Dennis Quaid); another power couple directly related to them as Ramsey is Gary’s father and former NASCAR superstar. While Wendy deals with Skyler’s unbelievable easy pregnancy, Gary has to deal with daddy issues and insecurities haunting him from the past.

Holly (Jennifer Lopez) and  Alex(Rodrigo Santoro) are the most interesting couple as they’re both a young couple who simply can’t have children on their own and the process of adoption has just begun. Alex is having issues about himself as a father. Is he prepared? As his own insecurities and questions rise up, Holly sets up a meeting with a bunch of guys who have a sort of Fight Club for parents (or at least they’d like to think their group is like that) Vic (Chris Rock), Gabe (Rob Huebel), Patel (Amir Talai) and Craig (Tom Lennon) share their experience with  Alex.

They share with Alex the reality of what’s going on with early parenthood on a guy’s point of view.

Rosie (Anna Kendrick) and Marco(Chace Crwford) are the youngest “couple”. As a  result of a night fling Rosie and Marco has to deal with parenting issues while they’re still so young to start a family. None of them know how to do.

The films is ok but fails to create enough drama. Too many characters is not an ideal situation but even less when there’s not much going on but just having a baby. Pretty much a universal issue that somehow is exposed too trivial in the film. Maybe is good for a sunday movie at home but if you’re single or a teenager you’ll probably flip the channel, and that’s antoher thing to consider a fail: is too specialized. It’s not like Who’s talking? (with Kristie Alley and John Travolta) which despite it was a pregnancy movie it was mostly a great comedy fick. It was more forgiving to watch a pregnant lady because of all the fun you have with the characters.While in “What to expect… there’s simply to melodramtic issues and too little time solve all of them.


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