Chernobyl Diaries

Review by Lucia Santiago Dantés

As I approached to the theater to see the film I remember the Chernobyl disaster. It’s hard to believe 26 years had gone by since that fatidic nuclear accident on the  26 of April 1986. Many of today’s youngsters which is good amount of percentage of the intended audience of the movie weren’t even born yet.

The Chernobyl accident it is considered by far, one of the worst nuclear power plant accidents in history nowadays only compared with the japanese nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Plant in 2011. Both of them are classified at level 7 by the International Nuclear Even Scale. It is also known, that the effects of radiaton at Chernobyl and its surroundings are still devastating as it’s  confirmed that from 1986 until 2006 the

I also wondered, on my way to the movie. How Chernobyl Diaries would be received by the people who’s somehow related by the incident. And hoping it wouldn’t be that sensationalist.

Altohugh I confirmed my suspicions after watching Chernobyl Diaries  about people protesting about how politically correct is the movie, the truth is that there are company tours near chernobyl that offers guided tours to the ghost town of Prypiat  as seen in the movie. So I didn’t considered Chernobyl diaries a politically incorrect movie. Audiences and people in general should consider or take in mind the fact that a film is just that, a film! in this case, a fictionalization of a nuclear disaster turned into a horror movie.

Chernobyl Diaries tells the story of 6  tourists  who enter  abandoned city of Prypiat thanks to a nearby local Tour Agency who offers the service.  Once there it basically follows the horror flick rules as they are chased by who knows what? kind of creatures who seem to be affected by radiation.. whatever they were. The group is  chased by a pack of wild dogs and a bear among other things. It is shot in documentary style.

Chernoby Diaries was directed by Bradley Parker who’s best known for his work as an SFX guy and this is his first feature movie. The film was cowritten with the writer/director of Paranormal Activity  Oren Peli. Shot only in part at the Prypiat ghost town but used other locations that eerily resembles the infamous city, and probably that’s the best achievement in Chernobyl Diaries, as the location was the main character of the film.

As for the SFXs well, there were just a few of them, as I said before it was shot documentary style but almost like 90s style: shaky camera, fast cuts, straight forward story but at the end it survives thanks to the suspense of the chase by creatures  and the grand finalle of the movie when our surviving characters arrive to the again, infamous reactor.

I recommend to watch the movie when you’re not that stressed out by work as Chernobyl Diaries is for sure a stressing movie.


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