Men In Black III

Review by Lucia Santiago Dantes

Although it is the 3rd sequel of the Sci-Fi comedy  Men in Black and it’s been 10 years since the last MIB movie, it is by far, one of the coolest movies I’ve seen this year and probably bump from the top of the Box Office The über popular Avengers. The story this time, involves time traveling when Agent J (Will Smith) wakes up one morning finding out that Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) is gone from the present and actually was killed a long time ago. In order to see what happened he is allowed to go back in time and try to fix the present as it originally was. There are several interesting details who caught my attention from Men in Black III. As for Example Grffin (played by Michael Sthulbarg) is an alien that has the ability to observe not only all the past and future in time but also all the alternative versions of the future. At some point he shows his ability to Agent J and the younger version of Agent K played by Josh Broslin which makes the hell of a job recreating the character portrayed by Tommy Lee Jones on the earlier Men in Black movies.

The story although is about getting this evil alien called Boris The Animal(Jemaine Clement) from changing the past and an alien invasion in the future, it really focuses on Agent K’s story, although at the end it’s still a mystery  most of his life, at least we get to know how was Agent K on 1969, when he was young, smart and still suspicious about everybody else around him. As an enthusiast of the sixties, I loved all  the Space Age era, beatniks, and design from those days like:  Andy Warhol (impersonated by SNL comedian Bill Hader), the launch to the moon and how it all made it somehow blend in Men in Black III even racist situations that Agent J could have. Which by the way, were hilarious!

Also in this movie: Emma Thompson as Agent O and Alice Eve as Young Agent O, Michael Chernus, Mike Colter and David Rasche.

MIB surely proves the franchise has still a lot to give to entertain crowds around the world and surely it will not be the last one.

Featuring in this movie also, is the main theme song “Back in Time” performed by Pitbull.. Great song by the way!


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