Snow white and the Huntsman

Review by Lucia Santiago Dantes

Reinventing fairy tales it’s becoming more popular than botox nowadays in Hollywood. Just turn on the TV and you’ll see a parade of weird and whimsical characters that somehow had to do with the good old fairy tales we all heard in our childhood like ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” and NBC’s Grimm. Now Twilight’s favorite vampiress Kristen Stewart recreates one of the most popular german fairy tale. Directed by Rupert Sanders and written by Evan Daugherty, John Lee Hancock, Martin Solibakke and Hossein Amini; Snow White is reivented as a medieval adventure/fantasy movie that has nothing to do with the original story, to the point that the only resemblance that has with the original story is the name and the infamous apple, even the mirror is not that convincing (I’ll get to the point later.
The film doesn’t have enough adventure to be considered as such, not enough romance to even consider the huntsman or Snow white’s childhood friend a real object of desire. But also  we have Kristen Stewart with too many “twilight faces” all that gothic/emo faces that does in Twilight is ok for that flick and its context;  but in this film… it just doesn’t quite fit with the movie, the character and the story, at least not for the entire story. Also, it doesn’t look like Snow White, the character it looks like watching Bella Swan who is Kristen Stewart,  trying to be Snow White… in other words is not plausible enough to make me believe the character is alive and kicking… or in other words… it didn’t become real in the cinematic world. If Stewart keeps with this kind of acting (on and off cameras) she will never shed that Bella Swan Character.

Charlize Theron although does a great job as the Evil Queen, while Chris Hemsworth delivers the Huntsman plausible enough to fit in the picture.

As for the story, Soon after her mother dies while Snow White is just a child, the King remarries again with Ravenna (Theron) but on her wedding night, Ravenna kills the King, takes the throne and locks Snow White in a tower. Many years later Snow White manages to scape to the Dark Forest, a forest with all the bacteria and fungus in the world enough to make you see nightmarish hallucinations. Ravenna is set to get Snow White as the mirror in the wall told her Snow White is the reason why her power is diminishing. She could be either her doom or her salvation if she take’s Snow White’s heart. Ravenna sends a huntsman (Hemsworth) famous for knowing the Dark Forest to get her, but after meeting Snow White naturally, there’s a change in his heart. And so, both of them become fugitives of the kingdom.
The twist of the story is that after meeting again her childhood friends, Snow White is ready to fight for her kingdom á la Joan of Arch, and so the new Snow White is not anymore the princess waiting for Prince Charming to solve all her problems.
It could have been a great story if there were more character development and a good closure to the story.


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