Money Bags!

Young and rich can be either good or bad depending on one’s circumstances.
Cosmopolis, an unusual name for a movie, comes by way of director David Cronnenberg, a man whose trademark is offbeat cinema fare. Shot in Canada this taxpayer funded film from EOne Entertainment is now on screen at the International Village Cinemas.
Dark tone is everywhere in this 108 minute flick. Life in the fast lane swirls around Eric
Packer. Flavour of the month Robert Pattinson continues to shed his Twilight aura to hatch a new character whose not exactly that appealing. People everywhere are jealous of Packer for his wealth. Ostentatious behaviour makes up gazillionaire lives out of his car which comes with all the trappings money can buy – including an endless supply of more than willing ladies. Wealth can lead to difficulties and in this day and age many are jealous of the super rich. So Eric must fend off unwanted attention in this closed-minded world. Friends are few and far between and the encounters we witness are anything but pleasant. Dalliances aplenty make up this hot shot’s life and Pattinson’s pasty white face perfectly embodies this lost soul who talks in riddles and you never seem to get a straight answer out of his lips.

Not for everybody, Cosmopolis is a small bizarre film that runs off in some unpredictable tangents. Super actor Paul Giamatti makes an appearance as an equally loose cannon which seems to intensify the rambling nature of this untamed beast of a movie. Among the female flesh coming Eric’s way are a group of “elder” women including French actress Juliette Binoche. Somewhat slow and a real dark atmosphere may well capture the rather unglamourous
life of people with too much money on their hands. Cosmopolis falters a bit due to it’s confined spaces and a stark ending that leaves you guessing and loses traction.


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