Review by Lucia Santiago Dantes

Directed by acclaimed director Ridley Scott better known for Alien, Blade Runner & Gladiator. Prometheus is the prequel of Alien and, one of the most anticipated movies of 2012 among film lovers.

The story is set up years before the Nostromo encounter with an alien (1979) which was set up around 2122, while Prometheus is set up in 2089.

The story follows a group of scientists who are on a mission to find out about an alien civilization that probably visited the Earth several times along human history. Doctor Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway are an archaeologist couple who discovers a star map and team up with the Weyland Corporation to reach the point suggested in the map known as LV -223. Prometheus is the name of the spaceship craft set up with the best and more advanced technology like stasis pods for the travelers even an automated surgery table. Inside the ship the team is commanded by Meredith Vickers (Charlize Theron) who’s sent also to protect the interests of  Weyland Corporation. Also with the team as in most of all  Alien franchises an android is with them with an special agenda set up by Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce) himself.

When the crew arrive to LV-223 we already recognize most of the features and aliens from Alien. This time we get more information about them. We get to see some 3D recording about the ship and how something must have been terribly wrong as the entire ship is now turned into ruins and no one escaped alive. Until they find out hundreds if not thousands of strange pods that begin to leak a strange black liquid as soon as the group arrive to the chambers.

Soon Shaw, Charlie and the rest of the crew realize that what they thought it was an alien and sort of benevolent civilization which might had “engineered” us turn out to be the opposite: the ship looks more like a space craft filled with some kind of biological weapons of mass destruction contained by these strange pods that somehow went of of control. Turning the weapon against its creators. But if you look closely to the last pod taken, the one with the “Queen” alien seems to me that probably these aliens were part of something bigger.

The film is good and very intriguing but mostly it is a great prequel that displays a  spectacular amount of  SFXs and graphic design that adds that extra to a science fiction turned into horror movie. Is it as horrific as the original 1979’s Alien?  no. It will never be on those level of stress and horror seen on the other Alien movies. Nevertheless it is a great prequel that should be consider as a deserving part of the Alien Franchise.

Before watching the movie, take the time to watch some of the viral clips on Youtube set by 2oth century Fox. They really add some flavor to the film and those scenes are NOT included in the picture:

Elizabeth Shaw Lobbying for Prometheus

Introducing the David 8 – The Next Generation Weyland Robot

“TED Talk 2023 – Peter Weyland” – Viral zu PROMETHEUS – Dunkle Zeichen [3D]


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