Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Review by Lucia Santiago Dantes

It is official, we are in the the vampire but crazy fantastic stories era . Forget about whining teen Bella and her tortured heart torn apart in between a vampire or  a werewolf ? my, my who would it be? tough decision..  mmm inmortality and being young and beautiful forever or becoming a beast once in a while and probably smell like it for the rest of my life? dah! of course it was going to be the vampire all the way… let’s see hunger games… well actually that was more interesting than Twilight because at least they add some kind of “survivor” element to the story rather than who is the coolest and fairest of them all at school… and just when I tought I saw everything after the Harry Potter franchise closed its last installment  full of wizards, werewolves and magical creatures in that epic war at Hogward’s Castle… well…  it comes another unthinkable but popular book turned into an action adventure movie: “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter” if you can forgive Seth Grahame-Smith for turning the 16th President of the US into a kick-ass vampire hunter, ONLY if you DARE to believe in the magical mystical reality of the cinematic world created in this movie… then… this is the movie for you (also if you’re a guy, a nerd, a comic fan  an otaku or something in between)

As usually in this kind of movies is not the what but the how that matters. Allow me to explain: We all know that Abraham Lincoln was the president who ended up slavery and guided the nation through the years Civil War but what if you mix his personal life with the underworld life of the undead? And so, the story begins with an Abraham Lincoln at his childhood and having his first encounter with a vampire when one of them kills his mother and then his father. As Abraham Lincoln (Benjamin Walker) grows, his motivations for avenge his parents grows. One day he returns and try to kill Jack Barts (Marton Csokas) not knowing that Barts is a vampire he tries to kill him with a gun. Soon he realizes the undead are powerful creatures. That night Licoln fails but he meets Henry Sturgess (Dominic Cooper) who ask him to join his cause to get rid of the vampires and promises him to train him to become a vampire slayer.  Lincoln accepts and move to Springfield where he starts working at a local store but also starts studying to become a lawyer. As time goes by Lincoln moves into politics but also becomes a feared vampire slayer by night.

The film focuses on the action/adventure packed story that plays around with one of the most important presidents of the U.S. (mind the joke at the end of the movie with nowadays U.S. President Barak Obama). Although you can see the times and most important moments in Abraham Lincoln life, I would say that this is not a movie that qualifies as a reliable source of information.

The story is told by the Licoln’s point of view in the form of a dairy, it reminded me a bit of  Anne Rice‘s Interview with the Vampire not just by the way the story is told but also that involves the years of slavery in the U.S. they both start more or less in the same period.  Everything else is totally the opposite. And in both novels the “vile” vampires feed on slaves.

It also reminds me of the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer :).

The book had mixed reviews, and Grahame-Smith also wrote the screenplay for the movie.

If you’re in this movie just for the fun of it, then you’ll have a great time.

Here is the trailer for Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.


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