Review by Lucia Santiago Dantés

Once again Disney is all about changing paradigms about fairy tales and heroines attitudes. Of course it’s an adjustment to the times we live on. No woman nowadays is waiting for a prince charming, those days are long gone. Everybody just has to go out to the urban jungle and do the best they  can. And sort of is “Brave” a tale about a princess named  Merida (voice of Kelly Macdonald) and her coming of age to adulthood soon enough to hermother to ask for the best suitors among Scotland’s clans. However this is not what Merida wants. Wild and rebellious as her red hair, Merida runs away from her own engaging tournament after an upsetting fight with her mother Queen Elinor (voice of Emma Thompson) After a brief encounter with a witch (voice of Julie Walters) she gets a spell to change her mother but in what way? that’s the only thing the witch didn’t say. Soon she realizes that it wasn’t her mother who needed to change, but her. Is it too late for that?

Merida’s persona is a great character who is not only brave but has a lot of guts to stand on her own,  and the attitude of not of an heroine but  a true hero . Indeed a beautiful story and animation that’s meticulously taken care in every single detail of the imagery.

A true Disney classic.  What else can I say? just watch it and enjoy!


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