Review by Lucia Santiago Dantes

If you’re a fan of Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show and knows that the creator of these fabulous shows is Seth MacFarlane, then you’ll probably know that he outdid himself in his directorial debut film “Ted”. With the same acid sense of humor MacFarlane creates a surrealistic story about the relationship between a man and his teddy bear.

John Bennet (Mark Wahlberg) who wished his teddy bear becomes real so they can be best friends wakes up the next morning finding out his wish has become true. The news rapidly spreads around and Ted becomes a celebrity for the moment. As time goes by we realize that both kid and teddy bear grow up in different ways. John physically matures but in many aspects he’s still that young lonely insecure boy who wished for a best friend; while Ted (Voice of Seth MacFarlane) grows up inside but on the outside he is still a teddy bear excepts for his voice that gives away his maturity and behaves like a slacker. Now, being a magical creature he doesn’t have to live a regular life as opposed as John who’s already in his thirties and still immature in many aspects. He is the one with a Job.

Lori (Mila Kuris) is John’s girlfriend and although she loves him very much and have a 4 years relationship with him,  Lori has to deal with his immaturity. She thinks that Ted is a bad influence to John now that he is a grown up and already in a relationship, but unwilling to take responsibility for his acts. Instead John prefers to hang out with Ted and still go on reckless behavior mode that inevitably always leads him to take bad choices with terrible consequences.

What I liked the most about Ted is the fact that not only is an acid comedy with irreverent jokes, explores the relationship about a man and his best friend but also points out the issue of a young man refusing to grow up and that’s where MacFarlane nails it with Ted.

Also that homage to Flash Gordon’s star Sam J. Jones and special cameo on the movie was awesome.

This is the Restricted trailer for Ted, which by the way is not a children’s movie

and this is the “regular” trailer.


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