The Possession

Review by Lucia Santiago Dantes

When I saw the movie the first thing that came to my mind was that this is the jewish version of the Exorcist (1973) although never as scary as this movie,  The Possession has some other elements that makes interesting this little horror film, for example it is shot in Vancouver. You can see the streets and the UBC campus, the same building and the same location I used for my short film a long time ago on my film student years was quite a surprise!

The Possession is said to based on a true story related with a Dibbux Box  in other terms a jewish folklore related box said to be containing an evil spirit.  Actually this was going to be the title but later it was changed to “The Possession” You can see the related story here:

The film  centers in the broken Brenek family. As Clyde (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Sephanie (Kyra Sedgwick) are separated and has to share custody of their 2 daughters: Hannah (Madison Davenport) and Em (Natasha Calis) the youngest one, whose on a  garage sale discovers an old box among other trinkets and gets them to herself. Once in her new dad’s home she opens the box not knowing it shouldn’t be open, liberating the evil spirit on the box.

Bizarre  things starts to happen Em opens the box incluing Em’s aggressive and distant behavior as well other creepy incidents involving moths. As Em’s physical condition declines, Clyde starts to worry about his daughter’s life, but Stephanie doesn’t believe Clyde.

As the possession continues Clyde starts to rule out posibilities, like a haunted house due to the fact that it’s recently build. Plagues also controlled… until things go from bad to worse when Em is completely possessed by the evil spirit and Clyde searches for help in the Jewish community which is quite closed, and the elders deny help but the young Rabbi Tzadokk (Matisyahu)  steps in to perform an exorcism.


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