The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Review by Lucía Santiago Dantés.

Probably one of those movies that will reach a cult classic after a while, as many of us who had the opportunity to watch the film agreed on loving it.

The story evolves about a group of teenagers who are in high school in the early 90s but the story is seen through Charlie’s point of view (played by Logan Lerman) the main character.  Charlie finds company in the friendship of two senior high school students Patrick (Ezra Miller) and Sam (Emma Watson) while he is entering his freshman year in high school.

Sam and Patrick mesmerize Charlie. Perhaps is Sam’s beauty or Patrick’s whimsical behavior in high school but certainly Charlie does a great effort to leave his ostracism behind and reach for Patrick at a football school game. Later on in a nice prom dancing sequence he finally reaches out with Sam and Patrick and the three of them connect and become friends. Patrick is Sam’s stepbrother and they do seem to genuinely care for each other and watch their backs, which makes them more likable to Charlie’s eyes . Sam finds out in a party that Charlie’s best friend suicided a few months ago shooting himself and inmedeatly is adopted by the pair making sure “the clan” at high school accept it him. Charlie is attracted to Sam but seems that he is too shy to say something, or maybe he has other issues on his own as we see Charlie suffering from recurrent black outs and some kind of guilty memories regarding his aunt who suddenly died on a crash accident.  Sam and Patrick have issues on their own. Patrick is gay but doesn’t seem to care too much about being outside the closet although his partner who is in the football team is more conservative and completely opposed to let anyone know about it. Sam on her own is a troubled girl who’s been either abused and for a time chose to deal with her personal issues getting drunk and having casual relationships with other teenagers or older men.

And so, the dysfunctional group that we always love and secretly admire for their endurance in the cinematic world has born!

Besides the intriguing story it is fair to recognize that Ezra Miller does a great job portraying Patrick and this is second time that I’m impressed by his acting as he already achieve to impress me in “Let’s Talk About Kevin”(2011). As for Ema Watson, she does a great job and she can mark this movie as the  film that she finally shreds her Hermione character for good!


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