Review by Lucía Santiago Dantés

One of the most interesting science fiction/thriller movies I’ve seen this year and probably for a while. Not only the story but the SFX’s, sound design and music won my attention. Written and directed by Rian Johnson .

Let’s start with the story.  It’s the fictional year of 2044  in this future the U.S. has another economic collapse but also people has started to born with the telekinetic ability of moving small objects mostly. Also, in the year 2074 (30 years from the present in the film) time traveling has been invented but at the same time outlawed. Now, because in 2074 technology has made almost impossible to get rid of a body, the mob use time traveling to kill someone and get rid of the body. The assassins in charge of those jobs are called Loopers. They idea is to send the person who’s going to be killed to the past (2044) where the looper is waiting to the victim. as it is per “contract” the payment is received immediately through silver bars strapped to the victim’s chest. Whenever a dismissed, the older version of this looper is terminated by being sent to the younger looper with gold bars strapped to their chest as a final payment and to live the rest of his life with this money. The looper only knows the identity after he kills the victim. Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is one of these loopers. One day he finds out he has to kill  his future self and that’s how he becomes on the run.

The future Joe is played by Bruce Willis whose in this movie does a great job as well as Emily Blunt who plays Sara, the mother of a boy with telekinetic powers far more intense than the rest of the people.

No matter if it is present or the future the world in Looper,  writer/director Johnson has created a very bad, messed up, and needles to say chaotic world. But his achievement is not only in the script but in the craftmanship of creating an atmosphere through special effects and sounds. It is not noticeable and that’s exactly how you expect it, but what a great sound. Here’s a little interview with Nathan Johnson creator of Looper’s score

By moments the film reminded me North by Northwest not just because of the crop fields but the chasing and set ups.

Here’s the trailer.


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