The Guilt Trip

theguilttripProtagonized by Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand The Guilt Trip is a road movie that ‘s worth watching it. You could say it’s a road movie but also about how a man work his issues with his mother.

The story follows Andrew Brewster (Seth Rogen) an inventor who created an ecological cleaning product. He is in the very initial part of starting his own business just showing his product to the big stores around the country, while his mother Joyce Brewster (Barbra Streisand) is just the typical over protective mother who calls his son every 10 minutes or so. Just before starting a business road trip for his product, Andrew visits his mother. While she is asking all those questions about when are you going to get marry? what happened with you? why you don’t have a girlfriend right now? she starts to ask the same questions to his mother. Joyce thinks Andrew needs closure from his past relationships in order to move on with his life and find someone new, and at the same time Andrew thinks it’s time Joyce, a widower for a long time. It’s time to do the same and probably find out about that special someone she met in the past. So he invite her to go along with her.

The film has the right mix of comedy, drama and situations that makes you enjoy a nice story about mother  and son relationship. The film is directed by Anne Fletcher and written by Dan Fogelman.


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