Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away

Cirque_du_Soleil_Worlds_Away_posterReview by Lucia Santiago Dantes

I’m not sure if I would categorize the production as a full feature movie, neither  a documentary but a recorded 3D spectacle. Being said that, I also would like to say is that it’s worth watching it if you are familiar and enjoy the  Cirque Du Soleil spectacle and it is a great compilation of the following shows presented in Las Vegas: OMystèreLoveZumanityViva Elvis and Criss Angel Believe.

The show opens with a young girl walking into an itinerant carnival. A clown urges her to enter to see the main attraction: The Aerialist. Once the show starts the Aerialist takes notices of her and both feel attracted. As his act begins, the Aerialist can’t stop looking at her and accidentally falls. The girls desperate runs towards him. The sand swallows both, the girl and the aerialist toward another surrealist world and the magic of the spectacle begins.

As I said before There’s no story, or at least no coherent story but you can see the the best of the Cirque Du Soleil  acts that made them famous around the world like Acrobalance, Acrobatics, acro dance, trampolining, trapezee combined with musical acts that may delight you thanks to the brilliant performance of these brave talented people; because as beautiful as it may look… every single act requires a lot of work, effort, and most of the acts are dangerous to perform.

At times it looked a little bit scary or spooky but if you have clown phobia like me, that’s ok. I mean it is still bearable and you will still enjoy the show.


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