Parental Guidance.

parental-guidance-posterReview by Lucia Santiago Dantes

One of the best family flicks Billy Crystal  and Bette Midler have done. Both look look great in the cinematic world playing as grandparents who had to take care of their grandchildren after realizing they are “the other grandparents” as in the ones left behind! when both arrive home and take notice that there’s no picture of them having fun with their grandchildren as the chimney is plethoric with the other granparent’s photos enjoying time with their grandchildren.

Artie (Crystal) and Diane (Middler) has issues on their own too.  Artie just got fired at his job as  he’s not too old but too  “old school” for his  radio show with the baseball local team. He is devastated, as Diane his wife is trying to comfort him try to make things right accepting taking care of their grandchildren as a favor to her daughter Alice (Marisa Tomei) and as a distraction to Artie. while her daughter has to go on a travel with her husband Phil (Tom Everett Scott). The first obstacle to overcome is the difference in educating their children as  Alice and Phil are trying to educate them in the “modern” way with 0 stress for their children. While Artie quietly questions the approach and Diane just tries be more accepted in her daughter’s home and life. The second obstacle to overcome it’s the 3 kids Barker (Kyle Harrison Breitkopf), Turner (Joshua Rush) and Harper (Bailee Madison)  who are not exactly thrilled with the idea. But with no other option by the moment the entire family crew has to deal with their issues on their own.The film is funny, filled with family incidents that we all could relate and if you’re looking for a nice relaxed film to watch and have a laugh over the holidays, look no more!


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