The Cinema Pub, bullying, enablers and the Shia LaBeouf incident in Vancouver.

Is bullying encouraged? is racism encouraged ? is this a cultural, tribal thing to do? the answer is a blatant YES. I was at the Cinema Pub (yes the same bar Shia LaBeouf was assaulted by some dude, now I wonder if that was an inside job, keep reading please)    It is not the first time I go to the Cinema Pub and it’s not the first time I ask what song is playing? in other ocassions the barman was kind enough to answer me this simple question…   But this saturday  was another story….  I heard a catchy tune and I approached the DJ to ask the name of the tune because obviously he was playing the music… there were a lot o shouts and raves about that particular song and that caught  my curiosity. So I asked the name of the  tune to one of the staff  members but but didn’t know… So I approached the DJ, He cynically answered me “I don’t know” although he had the list right in front of his face….   I saw  3 girls in front of him thanking him for playing the song. I asked one of them but didn’t even answer me…  she just ignored me… I did get it, they were playing either too cool or too racist to mind about anyone, so cool… that they left the place after that.  By the case it’s the same… I put a red flag on it having the Shia Labeouf incident in the back of my mind so I asked in the same friendly tone to the DJ  if the reason for his passive aggressive attitude was  because  I was not as white as the girls or not “cool” enough” to answer me… it just somehow seemed odd that a DJ doesn’t share a note of info, it’s just too trivial, too insignificant but his attitude spoke volumes about him… after all he didn’t created the music or performed… he’s  just another guy playing pop music to entertain costumers in a bar… it’s more like a service rather than a formal DJ like Keoki, Tiesto, David Guetta, Deadmaus or Girl Talk who specializes in mashups and digital sampling (check RiP!: A Remix Manifesto,), now I don’t know if this dude is even considered a DJ now that I think about it, but alas I’ll continue my case: I was wondering if this so called “DJ”  attitude was an act of mere racism? even more  why  he felt offended? or even accusing me of being ” mean to him” while it was all the way around, which made me react  á la Anderson Cooper asking “why you didn’t answer my question when you had the database in front of you? I mean it’s just a simple question with a simple answer…  it just doesn’t seem logical to me…   he tried to passive aggressive hug me but I stayed away.  I didn’t need  or asked for a false hug, also I wasn’t begging for acceptance because I didn’t feel offended for what he did,  as a student of the mass media and cultural behavior/phenomena what I  needed was  answers… I tried to get to the bottom of it and put a personal note to the manager. He answered me what I expected from a manager: he simply honestly said: people is mean. (actually it was the right answer, kudos for him) I don’t get all these DJ attitude…  I patiently waited for the  DJ  to get an answer for my question whatever it was… but he didn’t.. putting by Anderson Cooper hat again… I waited for him as he didn’t show any sign of either rejection or sympathy or whatever… he just acted weird…  After waiting for a while 2 girls arrived, they seemed like friends of the DJ  and the DJ started to talk to these girls, they looked at me and interchanged conversation..  something obviously was being brewed over there.  Then they took action:  one  stood just beside me, and started to push my shoulder  asking me “how was my night?” I was busy on the phone so she continued pushing me with her finger, over and over again….  So I grabbed her finger and said nicely “stop it, that’s not nice, please don’t do that, thanks”. After all they were being physically aggressive against my persona. I didn’t call security as I didn’t even bother.  I just kept working on my phone waiting for the DJ, but I see her calling security  and told him I was being aggressive to her because I pulled her finger “very hard” which it was is a lie. At that point was right beside both of them listening to her story. I just smiled and  told security mmm I guess she didn”t  tell you she was pushing with her finger, she was being physically aggressive, I just stopped her and she is now playing the victim right? he answered me smiling in passive aggressive mode: you have to go to the front, and I said “sure, after her!” I saw her mortified face after that and that was the end of her “playing the victim”… for both of them… Personal note to myself and everyone: on a one on one situation you have to be assertive and tell the truth. Which reminded me: how many times and how many people had suffered from bullying? how does it work? very easy, you have to have a bully but you also have to have an enabler first. Imagine the same scenario with the same troupe the DJ had… but in a school scenario for example? inside a school you are at the mercy of those people and their enablers… seriously if you  want to stop bullying you need to start with the enablers and listening to both sides. In this case we were both adults and a people in power who had a bit of reasoning. Actually my attitude was more of seeing what was going on at the bar. More than words, the answers that I got were in actions as you can all read. Again I thought about the Shia Labeouf incident, he was also a regular, but he was also an out of towner… we were both out of towner, that’s the only thing that is related here.  He heard on those days that he was a regular at the bar, and that the fight started inside the bar, knowing now what I know and the modus operandi of the people over there and that the fight started inside the bar seems to me that Vancouverites are a very closed nit tribal neighborhood but how good does that play for tourism? should the bar put a sign “locals only”?   my conclusion is that the American Film Industry is right: they shouldn’t go back to a place where people are so aggressive and unfriendly against visitors either the average joe or celebrities like LaBoeuf, Bullying is not nice, and most of all, it kind of a reminder of why Vancouver is so lonely lately. Maybe it is a beautiful city but can we say the same about the inner beauty of the locals?


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