Iron Man 3


Review by Lucía Santiago Dantés

It is hard to avoid thinking about the analogies in between “the Mandarin” character and the terrorist attacks to the U.S.since September 11. Somehow it has always been in the collective mind of the rest of world: most likely, Bin Laden is just the face of a very well knitted organization, and the real people who are actually the leaders of the organization would probably won’t know them until a long time has passed. that thought proved right after the Boston bomb attack by the 2 brothers…  In Iron Man 3 Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) has to face “The Mandarin” (Ben Kingsley) who’s actually just a decoy for  Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) who’s really behind the terrorist attacks. Kilian is another brilliant mind just as Tony but with different issues. We also see in the movie a Mandarin dressed more likely to the appereance of a Middle East man rater than the oriental characterization that he should have.

It has been several years since the alien invasion and the creation of the Avengers… Tony Stark is quietly working on creating new suits with different characteristics, but also pondering  with new dangers. This creates Anxiety attacks to Tony.

We also see on a 1999 flashback where the old womanizer Tony Stark is having a romance with another brilliant mind  Maya Hansen as they bump into the younger and rougher version of Aldirch Killian and  Tony fools him creating an instant enemy.   Maya is the creator of Extremis basically a virus that hacks the body repair center in the human brain, at that year was very unstable causing to go on fire but when Maya starts working to Killian, he creates super soldiers and as I said before he creates a decoy under the name of The Mandarin” just to give a face to blame to the public opinion and he can start working incognito.

Now Tony has to face the consequences of his past acts but also his new mistakes when he provokes the mandarin on the news giving his real address. The next he knows his house is destroyed and Pepper is saved by one of his Iron Man suits. He also survives thanks to JARVIS (his artificial intelligence program) that sends him to rural Tenesse and meets  10 years old kid named Harley (Ty Simpkins) and faces the Extremis exposed super soldiers.

Little by little he discovers the truth about what’s going on with the bombings, Killian and the virus.

The story is based on the Comic books and although you could and could not disagree with the story we all acknowledge Pepper (Gwyneth Paltrow) kick ass in this movie!


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