Vancouver at sundown…


Vancouver is famous for its glassy buildings giving a resemblance of an icy cold city, a similar analogy to the big city inhabitants around the world. Now becoming closer to a Metropolis, Vancouver has to face challenges like gentrification, riots during the hockey game in 2011, overpriced and overcrowded housing. Host of the 2010 Winter olympics. However, Vancouver hasn’t lost the splendor of the urban design and friendly walker city. It’s floating population is highly concentrated in downtown but still has plenty of green areas and residential neighborhoods. Locals are called Vancouverites and are infamous for its nasty attitude and snobbism. The tourism and service industry to the contrary, is extremely friendly nice and they do have to cope with both sides of the spectrum. Indeed a melting pot in the process of brewing. Famous for its multicultural population and visitors every year, and his highly technologicalized society, Vancouver might as well be the living, breathing sample of Marshall McLuhan’s global village.


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