The Heat Review

The-Heat banner bullock mccarthyThe Heat

Review by Lucia Santiago Dantés.

Long gone are  the days when my beloved TV show “Gilmore Girls” was suddenly cancelled. Many rising stars came out from this show but I would never thought I would see again lovable sookie (Melissa McCarthy) on so many comedy movies like Identity Thief and Bridesmaids years after. In The Heat, she stars along with Sandra Bullock as an uneven pair cop and FBI agent looking for the leader of a drug lord. To be honest, I would haver thought of McCarthy as the great comedian she’s becoming.

Sarah Ashburn (Bullock) is an FBI agent like no other: she’s clever, snappy, and an overachiever but also hated by her colleagues for the same reasons. She’s waiting a promotion that hasn’t come yet despite her brilliant mind. Ashburn is a workaholic, almost forgot her personal life pursuing a career on the FBI, and for that reason, when she’s sent to Boston to investigate an organized crime ring to  take down the drug leader; she seizes the opportunity to shine and finally get that promotion but one thing stands on her way, and that’s Mullins (McCarthy) a police officer that’s everything Muller is not: foul mouthed, weird, extremely aggressive and ruthless. We could say Mullins gets away with everything through intimidation. They couldn’t be more different and yet they’re at the same level of cleverness. Little they knew there are more than one obstacle on her way as Mullin’s brother is implicated in the case, as well as a mole.

The flick is a comedy very well performed and who would have thought Bullock and McCarthy made such a great duo on the big screen? The comedy succeeds thanks to the pair’s antics and slapstick jokes that brought tears to my eyes (hasn’t happened in a long time) there are so many pathetic jokes about Ashburn’s alienated life that are just hilarious! The only thing I can say is that cat joke really cracked me. What I liked about Mullins’ character is that can be sometimes over the top but at the same time she’s extremely intelligent and with a nose to find what’s wrong with the picture. Let’s say it’s a character that’s not just playing goof or stupid… Mullins is all about personality… and “personality goes a long way” as Jules from Pulp Fiction would say.

Mexican Actor Demián Bichir also appears in this movie as Hale, Ashburn’s superior.


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