Review by Lucia Santiago Dantés

Rated R
119 mins.
Action| Sci Fi | Thriller.
Release Date: Sept 6, 2013 (US)


This is the third film released from the Chronicles of Riddick film series.  It picks up the story 5 years after “Chronicles of Riddick” (2004) ended.  The first film was called Pitch Black (200) now considered a cult film gained fans although it has its flaunts in continuity and implausible situations and bad dialogues. The second film was a better installment where the protagonist fights agains space necromancers while Riddick (The third installment) is more about a solo surviving adventure in the style of Rambo and Chuck Norris with way out of reallity situations but so much appreciated by young males. The film was written  by the same team of writers of the previous films Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick being David Twohy the director.

The film starts with Riddick (Vin Diesel) waking up buried half alive in a strange planet. After he was betrayed by one the necromonger officials who promised to take him to his home planet Furya in exchange of his leadership among the necromongers.  The planet seems to be deserted and full of dangerous creatures. Badly wounded, he has to fight with some dog like beasts but manages to survive (of course) and finds a cave with water but filled with scorpio like creatures as dangerous as the others if not even more.  learning everyday in solitude even more about the planet, Riddick realizes that he has to fly away from that planet as a storm is approaching full of the scorpio like creatures that takes advantage of the rain to go out. He finds an emergency station and sends a signal of his information and whereabouts. Immediately a fleet of bounty hunters arrives, with Santana  (Jordy Molla) as their leader. A second fleet of mercenaries also arrive commanded by Boss Johns (Matt Nable), better equipped but let Santana take the lead. After that is the same survival chase we see in a Rambo, Van Damme and Chuck Norris films but in sci-fi.

It is a very entertaining film and at some points you just have to laugh at the dare devil situations.  At moments the CGI characters look too fake, even over imposed. The plot points like any other Riddick film has a lot of “Divine hand” and many liberties to even consider it plausible even for a sci-fi flick but that’s the kind of macho films that the flick is targeted.


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