Review by Lucía Santiago Dantés.
Action | Biography |Drama
123 minutes.
Rated R

Rush was a very interesting film to watch, not just because of Chris Hemsworth’s (Thor) looks but because the story is good enough to juggle great cinematography that manages to recreate the look and spirit of the seventies combined with the  mise en scène. sound design and soundtrack. Rush is a very good piece of craftsmanship directed by Ron Howard. This is not the first film Howard directed about racing cars, back in 1977 he directed “Grand Theft Auto”, he’s also known for directing movies like Cocoon(1985), Gung Ho( 1986), Far and Away (1992), and also the film that gave him an Oscar: “A beautiful Mind”(2002) Just to mention a few of his movies. Many people still remember Ron Howard as Richie Cunningham from the TV series Happy Days (or at least that’s how I remember him)

Although Rush focuses on on the rivalry of the English pilot James Hunt (Hemsworth) and Austrian driver Nicki Lauda (Daniel Brühl) back in the golden days of the Formula 1. We get to see also the story of two persons who couldn’t be more opposite to each other. In one side we have James hunt, a driver who’s all passion in all senses while oh the other, Lauda is just the entire opposite: a brainy genius, meticulous and rigorous thoughts that leaves him to perfection in performance while driving.

The film follows them through the entire season but also we get to see enough of their personal life that reflected what they were at that time of their lives. We follow Hunt through is rock star life: his romances and failed marriage with Suzy Miller (Olivia Wilde). due to his wild life as a  playboy, the film doesn’t focus (thanks God) in Hunt’s Shenanigans although it portrays this side of his persona. By comparison, Lauda’s side it’s more complicated. Beign a serious and meticulous driver, his life is more serene, average, until that infamous accident in which he almost die but survives with severe burns. After that we see this friendly rivalry that made them give the best of them and that’s why I liked the film. It doesn’t focus on the show or the rivalry or anything specific; but we get to see a well rounded story that gives you little bits of them so you can figure out their characters at the same time the story is unfolding to your eyes.


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