Still Alice Opens January 27


Still Alice will open Jan. 27 in Vancouver

With SAG and Golden Globe nominations, Julianne Moore is an
Oscar frontrunner for her performance in Richard Glatzer and Wash
Westmoreland’s Still Alice, a compelling story about a renowned
linguistics professor who starts to forget words – and is diagnosed with
Early-Onset Alzheimer’s, a rare form of the disease that affects those under
65. Also starring are Alec Baldwin as her loving husband, and Kristen
Stewart, Kate Bosworth and Hunter Parrish as their three grown children.

Alice (Moore) happily celebrates her 50th birthday at a chic Manhattan
restaurant with her family. Her husband calls her the most beautiful and
smartest woman he’s ever known. But shortly afterwards, while guest
lecturing at UCLA, she forgets the word “lexicon.” Back home, she
becomes lost while jogging at Columbia University, where she’s
taught for years. It turns out that Alice not only has Alzheimer’s but
also may have passed the gene on to her children. As Alice struggles
to say connected, she and her family find their bonds thoroughly tested.

Audiences will find themselves taking the memory quizzes along with
Alice, as well as experiencing her bouts of disorientation, thanks to clever,
out-of-focus camerawork by Carlos cinematographer Denis Lenoir.

Based on the best-selling novel by neuroscientist Lisa Genova, the film
is written and directed by Glatzer and Westmoreland (2006 Sundance
double winner Quinceanera), who found personal resonance in the story.
Glatzer has ALS and co-directed the film by using a text-to-speech app.

The book is available through Simon & Schuster Canada.

Still Alice is being released in Canada by Mongrel Media.


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