Happy Birthday Barbapapa!!!


Barbapapa turns 45 years old today. Google celebrates with a google Doodle

Did you know?

-Barbapapa is a french children’s book written in the 70s by Annette Tison (French) and Talus Taylor (American).  Barbapapa means “Daddy’s beard and is french for cotton Candy. The book it’s been published in 30 languages around the world.

According to an article by The Gardian, The idea of the character was born when Anette and Talus were walking in the Luxemburg gardens when Taylor “heard a child asking his parents for something sounding like “baa baa baa baa”. Not speaking French, he asked Tison what the child wanted. She explained he was asking for “barbe-à-papa” (daddy’s beard), French for candy floss”.


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