EAT A MUSHROOM, TALK TO GOD. Little Saints, Screening Today at the Pacific Cinematheque.


6:30 pm, June 16, 2015 
 The Cinematheque

Six people travel to Mexico to meet a shaman and take part in an ancient ritual. They eat hallucinogenic mushrooms with the intention of alleviating their physical and psychological ailments.

!Little Saints is a documentary following six men and women from the United States who, along with Director Oliver Quintanilla, travel to Mexico to meet an extraordinary woman and take part of an ancient ritual of psychological and physical healing. The ingestion of psilocybe mushrooms in the southern Mexico is an ancient, candlelit ritual. The lack of external stimuli creates a space that is conducive to looking inside oneself. While guided by Mazatec shaman Natalia, the patients examine their issues and find answers within themselves; thru prayer and energy cleansings, the shaman purifies their spirits.

!Along with their story, the film includes interviews with scientists and researchers who share their knowledge of psychedelic medicines, Mazatec traditions, and current efforts to bring this medicine to the world community.

!Little Saints’ Director Oliver Quintanilla is an expert on Mazatec shamanism culture, he will be at the screening and he is also available for interviews via phone or in person the day of the event.

!Little Saints’ distribution rights for the U.S. and Canada have been acquired by Revolver Entertainment and it is slated for release on mid August 2015.

!Tickets: Available at the door. Pre-sales suggested General Admission $15.00


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