The Colony


Review by Lucia Santiago Dantés.
there are so many apocalyptic and post apocalyptic movies and TV series nowadays, that I lost my count. “The Colony” is one of those, in all the same theme prevails: adapt or die. Of course the main question is how? For some is through enduring, for others is the good old “run for your life” and only a few think cannibalism is the answer. In the Colony, starring Laurence Fishburne, Kevin ZegersBill PaxtonCharlotte Sullivan and John Tench we see how the earth suddenly has frozen and most of the population has die, either out of starvation, or because they fought for what’s left of food. But how do you survive winter so long? someone found these old industrial bases and started to serve as refugees. More people arrived and created colonies (hence the name of the movie) the story of this particular Colony starts when they receive a call to help from the next colony. The food at the colony although rationed, has been grown and harvested inside the colony. They don’t have in abundance but good enough to feed the people inside. Now the main problem are infections and flu viruses, due to the intense cold, lack of vitamins and sun. When they receive the call Briggs (Fishburne) decides to form a group and investigate but not without some protests about what they might bring with them. Briggs decide to abide to the pledge all the colonies did helping each other and goes. when they arrive they realize something terrible has happened with some of them that brought them to cannibalism and extreme rage. Maybe they were simply too hungry.

The story is good up until certain point if you like the genre but leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Exactly what did the people at the Colony turned this way?  The problem that I see is the film ends where should be starting. There are too many things undeveloped not only characters but the story itself. The flick goes everywhere but where it should go.

The Colony is a Canadian Film shot in Toronto.


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