Pancake Manor DVD & CD Press Release


We got this from C&C Communications. 

Pancake Manor to Release DVD & CD Companion Set;

“Videos and Songs for Kids & Awesome Parents” on November 19

Vancouver, November 12, 2013 – Popular YouTube music video channel Pancake Manor – which has been at the forefront in a recent trend towards digitizing children’s programming – will release its first musical DVD & CD on November 19th; the result of a loyal fan base who’ve been asking for a classic, tangible product.

Created and produced by Victoria-based musician & puppeteer Billy Reid, the Pancake Manor DVD & CD companion set, “Videos for Kids & Awesome Parents” and “Songs for Kids & Awesome Parents”, will be comprised of educational, whimsical and memorable hits that have captivated fans all over the world, and will be available for purchase on the official Pancake Manor website for $40.00 per set + shipping. Separately the DVD will be priced at $25.00 and will include 30 videos while the CD will be $20.00 and include 14 songs.

“Friends who used to tell me that listening to their toddler’s music was an endurance test, are now encouraging their kids to watch our channel” says Reid, “We believe these videos can be played on repeat without sending Mom & Dad running for the noise-cancelling headphones. The DVD & CD will make our sound even more accessible – in the family mini-van, for instance.”

Since 2011, the Pancake Manor YouTube channel – currently boasting 25 million views, and growing – has established itself as the “go to” global destination for alt-rock influenced educational music videos – performed by puppets Zach & Reggie – resulting in unique and catchy sounds that both children and their parents can enjoy, together.

With the release of the DVD & CD, fans of all ages will be able to watch and listen to Pancake Manor’s Zach and Reggie learn their ABC’s, embark upon fantastic flights in a cardboard box, and encourage kids to get off the couch for a “shake break,” all set to original music that is written and performed by Reid. Pancake Manor is produced in Victoria, British Columbia by Billy Reid and Reb Stevenson.

The videos can be found at or on the official Pancake Manor website .


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