Review by Lucia Santiago Dantes

Paranorman was a good surprise for me, it’s funny, it’s entertaining, it has likeable characters, a good story and the right time: not to too long, not too short. It is made by Leika the same stop-motion animation studio that created Coraline, their first stop motion feature film.

The story is about a kid who lives in the town of Blithe Hollow, Massachusetts named Norman Babcock (voice of Kodi Smit-McPhee) a not so average kid who has tons of friends, too bad they’re all dead. Due to his paranormal ability to see ghosts, Norman is constantly rejected or bullied at school. Misunderstood by their parents and outcasted by his schoolmates Norman finds on his granny (voice of Elaine Stritch) a great companion and friend, unfortunately she’s also dead too. For some reason she didn’t crossed to the “other side” and stayed to take care of Norman.  Norman soon finds an eager friend on his classmate Neil (voice of Tucker Albrizzi) who is the only one at school who accepts him as he is, and further more he thinks it’s cool! One day a man shows up on the streets looking for Norman, it’s Mr. Prenderghast (Voice of John Goodman) the town’s crazy man but also his uncle. He has an important task to ask him but he dies before he can tell him. Later on he shows up as a ghost telling Norman he has to stop the town’s curse as he has been doing it all his life, hence he earned the tittle of the town’s crazy man. Mr. Prenderghast gives him instructions about a book he has to read at a certain place in order to save the town. After he fails to read the book the dead rise from their thumbs and chaos and panic rules in the small town of Blithe Hollow.  Norman along with his older sister Courtney (voice of Anna Kendrick)

All that I can say after this point is that the curse involves a little girl  named Agatha Prenderghast (voice of Jodelle Ferland)  who lived in Blithe Hollow in the early 1700 who had the same ability as Norman seeing ghosts, but because of the times the town’s folks considered her a witch on a very unfair trail and condemned to execution. It is the angered ghost of this little girl who happens to be an ancestral relative of Norman, the one he is supposed to stop among with the zombies in town.

Could one little kid save the town of Blithe Hollow?

watch the movie and find out!


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