Hit & Run

Review by Lucia Santiago Dantes

One of the coolest  comedies/action/romance/road  movies I’ve seen this year.  I know, it’s a bit weird mix but keep reading.

Hit & Run is not as funny as it is but more of an action and a romantic movie. What I found  interesting is how it is portrayed all the trusting issues of a couple through the allegory of someone’s who is on a witness protection plan, because this happens with a lot of couples nowadays. Little by little you discover more and more details of the person you’re in a relationship with,  and negotiate with what you just found out. Don’t take me wrong, there still are some people who are quite honest with their couples  but others just behave exactly like Charlie’s character in the movie minus the witness protection program.   Sometimes is just as shocking as  in Hit & Run without all the chasing and action but with the same results. At some point you start to question who really is  the person that’s besides you. At the end of the day, you simply have 2 options: you accept the person the way it is (and was), or part in different ways.  I guess it all depends as cheesy as it may sound,  on how deep is your love.

Keep reading if you want to find out what’s the story about but be aware it has some spoilers.. if you are one of those people who hates to know the plots of the movie stop reading NOW! if you think you can handle spoilers… then continue…

The story centers in a couple where as Charlie (Dax Shepard) is on a witness program living in a small town with his girlfriend Annie (Kristen Bell) their quiet life gets interrupted when Annie suddenly gets on a dilemma when she receives the opportunity of a better job in Los Angeles but she has to go immediatly to the interview as her current position is being terminated. After dropping the bomb to Charlie, both decide to go on a road trip right away to get the interview jeopardizing Charlie’s witness protection program. When Randy (Tom Arnold)  the U.S. marshal in charge of monitoring Charlie, hears the news, he’s not very thrilled about the idea but the couple is already on the road. To complicate things Randy is a little too dysfunctional and accidented on his behaviour. In the meantime more people jump into their chase with different motivations:  Gil  ( Michael Rosenbaum) is Annie’s ex boyfriend is trying to get her back as he is still in love with her. By his behaviour we can see he is still in love with her and thinks he is still in a relationship with Annie or maybe he is just too obsessed with her. As soon as Gil learns she is leaving town he hits the road trying to get her.

Alex Dimitri (Bradley Cooper) is looking for Charlie. His motivations are several: he was Charlie’s partner on a group of bank robbers along with Yul (Charlie’s real name) when he finds out his whereabouts thanks to Gil who rats him out via Facebook  he sets up on road to get revenge.

While on the road Annie’s find out Charlie’s real name thanks to Gil (again) and she’s not happy with some of the things Charlie or Yul did in the past.

As I told before I loved how the dynamics of a relationship are handed in this movie and it is a good and entertaining movie for a weekend at the cinemas or DVD or digital download like Netflix or Digital TV.

Also in the movie Kristin Chenoweth better known for her role in the series Pushing DaisiesGlee, and GCB.

As for Michael Rosenbaum maybe you remember him with less hair, as he played Lex Luthor in Smallville.

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